You are cordially invited to exhibit at the MegaExpo 2021 on 11th, 12th, 13th May 2021

This is a virtual exhibition hosted on (Sponsored by Papilios Creative)

The exhibition is ideal for companies of all sizes to promote their products and services in a unique and cost-effective manner.
The website will replicate a physical exhibition with a registration foyer (the “Welcome” page) and approximately twenty halls
(pages) for different industries and professions. 

We anticipate that we will host FOUR HUNDRED exhibitors and the exhibition will be advertised with a huge viral marketing campaign as well as Facebook and Google Ads.

Our research shows that most exhibitors have a minimum of 2,000 contacts.
This would give a reach of EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND invitations!

There are three categories of exhibitors:

Sponsor – you can sponsor a virtual exhibition hall. You will have a 450×300 pixel banner at the top of the webpage which links to your website or Facebook page – £50

Exhibitor – you will have a 150 x150 avatar or logo in the most appropriate exhibition hall for your business – £20

Charities – you will have a 150 x150 avatar or logo in the Charities & Communities exhibition hall.
No charge to all charities.

Exhibitors are welcomed for both Business to Business and Business to Consumer

We anticipate that there will be approximately twenty virtual exhibition halls with each hall devoted to a specific category – Travel, finance, property etc

Choose the category that is best for you or we will open a new hall which you can sponsor.

Payment by PayPal, bank transfer, PaySafe or JustGiving.

The website will start to be populated from 16th November so to maximise your visitor numbers and secure the top positions on each page please respond asap –  – sponsored by Papilios Creative

Please register as an exhibitor